tongue tied

Tongue Tied

Installation view of Tongue Tied at Waddington Broadcaster Board. (Kapok and nylon mounted on wood panel behind glass, approx. dimensions 65cm x 5cm x 45cm)

The Broadcaster project consists of two permanent notice boards located outside converted Chapels in villages in rural Lincolnshire; Waddington and Wellingore. Each notice board is a venue for exhibitions curated by the Postmethodists. The aim is to develop and disseminate contemporary art in the everyday.

The work commissioned for the Broadcaster project explored the notion of ideasthesia, a phenomenon whereby the meanings of a stimulus are sensed. Here the concepts of Tongue Tied and Tip of the Tongue are tasted and felt like blockages to communication, dough-like knots and metallic tangles in the space between sensation and language.

The work in the boards was featured between December 2014 and March 2015.