on going on

Circling around the futility of seeking, ‘On Going On’ is a series of images with accompanying text fragments from Beckett’s ‘ The Unnamable’..

“something is wanting to make it clear, I’ll seek, what is wanting, to make everything clear, I’m always seeking something, it’s tiring in the end”

The pieces formed a kind of loose leaf book of looping narrative which could be rearranged. The work was shown as part of Holdingspace, a show I curated at General Practice in 2019, where the project space became a library of sorts – a place for lingering and leafing through. The seven artists responded to the space with works that invited haptic engagement. The artworks were to be touchedĀ  – pieces that could be picked up and peered into, read and rearranged, held, worn or listened to intimately.