huaca @ Opem2

‘Huaca’ is the Peruvian term for all that is sacred and also refers to one who has the ability to locate buried, sacred treasure.

The notion of a sanctified activity, object or place tends to be at odds with contemporary culture; practices set apart from everyday reality may be viewed with suspicion, however the need for an individual to embark on periods of withdrawal and reflection is universal and requires no script to guide it.

Evolving from the work ‘Cuckoon’ shown at How Soon Is Now in May, ‘Huaca’ has been developed as a site-specific piece for The Collection. Utilising space that is usually hidden from view to the visiting public,  it draws on the sense of the place as a location for digging beneath the surface, uncovering fragments of our past in order to shed light on our present.

“The Dug Collective showed a strong projected/sculptural work, which was one of the highlights of the exhibition” Andrew Bracey

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