The navel “evokes a maternal continuum, reaching back into an indeterminable (and ultimately pre-human) past and out into an indeterminate future, a chain of uniquely singular births”  (Rachel Jones, On the Value of Not Knowing).

Conduit was developed alongside work from the House Collective and draws from pieces generated during my residency with Dug at WAKA in Palma, Mallorca in 2012. Performance for The House Collective was shown at The University of Lincoln in March 2015.

Conduit is a durational performance of  appx 2 – 4 hours. Dimensions variable spanning appx 4 floors in height throughout stairwell. Materials – cotton dishcloth tubing measuring 40m in length.


The artist Fenia Kotsopoulou responded to the work of Helena Bird, Amy Hewitt and myself for the House Collective’s show at The University of Lincoln for her series of MetaReactions

Fenia KotsopoulouFenia KotsopoulouFenia Kotsopoulou