I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Boston, Lincolnshire and a founding member of the Lincoln based artist group General Practice I am also on the curatorial team and a board member of Slumgothic at X-Church in Gainsborough.

The core of my practice is an exploration of interconnectedness. The phrase, ‘touching, not mastering’, borrowed from Laura U. Marks, describes my approach towards materials, activities and the people I work with. The non-specificity of medium and process in my work places the emphasis on the nature of relationship itself. Collaboration is a key focus of my practice, working with others, becoming intimate with their ways of seeing and being, continuously shifts my own perspective. 

Alongside my art and curatorial practice I am a qualified coach and offer support to artists in their personal and professional development.



2018 – RD1st Advanced Coaching Course

2017 – RD1st Coaching Course – accredited through Culture at Work (equivalent to ILM level 7)

2009-2015 BA (Hons) Fine Art (1st Class), University of Lincoln

1985-8 BA (Hons) Fashion & Textiles, Ravensbourne College of Art & Design, Chislehurst



2019 Fully Awake 4.6, Edinburgh College of Art

2019 Holdingspace, General Practice, Lincoln

2018 Fractopia 2, General Practice, Lincoln

2018 Yellowbelly 2, 2021, Scunthorpe

2017 Fractopia 1, General Practice, Lincoln

2016 Yellowbelly, Project Space Plus, Lincoln

2016 Midpointness, Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent

2016 gP Home-Lab 2, Lincoln

2016 x-24 Festival, x-Church, Gainsborough

2016 gP Home-Lab 1, Lincoln

2015 A Case of Curio, x-Church, Gainsborough

2015 House Collective, Project Space Plus, Lincoln

2015 Misc. Don, The Collection, Lincoln

2015 Tempus Fugit, Syson Gallery, Nottingham

2014 Broadcaster, Waddington and Wellingore

2014 Moonshot Woodstock, Bloc Projects, Sheffield

2013 Untouchable, Mori and Stein Gallery, The Flying Dutchman, Peckham, London

2013 Reel 4, Monks Gallery, Lincoln

2012 X Show, Over+Out, Lincoln

2012 Cupboard Love, Greyfriars Studios, Lincoln

2012 Occupations, Greestone  Gallery, Lincoln

2012 Reel 3, Over+Out, Lincoln

2012 Opem2, The Collection, Lincoln

2012 Dug en WAKA, Waka, Palma, Mallorca

2012 Crocodiles with a Second Skin Thrash, Over+Out, Lincoln

2012 How Soon Is Now, Stokes Warehouse, Lincoln

2012 Neither Spit Nor Diamonds, Greestone Gallery, Lincoln

2011 A Blind Python With Jewelled Eyes, Greestone Gallery, Lincoln

2011 Four Annoying Habits, Greestone Building, Lincoln